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10 Ways to Get Your First Key Sales

There’s one ingredient that’s absolutely critical when you’re starting a business: momentum. Having that initial drive helps push your initiatives forward so that you can build on your efforts and continue to grow. In retail, one of the best ways to gain momentum is to generate your first key sales. So, how exactly can you drive your initial sales?

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Customer Segmentation Series Part 2: Retention Marketing

With data-driven customer segmentation now a core feature of Marsello, we want to be sure retailers understand how to use this within their marketing strategies. In this blog, we tackle the finer details of retention marketing and targeting the customer segments that will deliver the highest return on investment.

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Ecommerce SEO Series Part 2: How to Make Search Engine Optimization More Affordable

If you have some time on your hands and don’t have the budget to pay someone for SEO services, then going the do-it-yourself (aka DIY) route could be a good way to go. So how where do you start? Part 2 of our SEO series gives you actionable tips on getting started with eCommerce SEO.

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