Mastering the Memorable Shopping Experience


What makes a memorable shopping experience? And how do you get your customers to truly experience your brand? We’re taking a look at how Australian fashion boutique Gorman offer their customers a memorable shopping experience regardless of whether they are shopping in-store or online.

Gorman are one of those brands that people fall in love with. In fact, to many of their shoppers, they are a lovemark brand. Marketing their business with fun and flair, Gorman provide an inspirational example of a business with strong brand unity.


What makes their online store great
The Gorman website uses beautiful product photos of their clothing and accessories alongside images with colorful backgrounds and patterns. Because the rest of their site is quite minimal – you can’t help but be really drawn into their stock photos.

What we can learn from them: consider how you can use your eCommerce site to showcase what’s beautiful and unique about your business, e.g., design, pattern, or simplicity, etc.


gorman email

Gorman has mastered email marketing
Gorman’s email marketing is thematically similar to their website, and they often use eye-catching images and minimal, creative text which make their emails quick to browse through and a must-open when they fall into my inbox. In their email marketing, they also include a ‘Shop Now’ at the bottom of each email which is a great way of enticing customers back to their eCommerce site.

What we can learn from them: think about including a ‘Shop Now’ call-to-action, or link back to your website in your email marketing, and be sure to link to your social pages as well.

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 15.32.49.png

Making an impact on social
From their Instagram to their Facebook and Pinterest accounts, you’ll see the same stick design and color palette and style on each and every one of Gorman’s social accounts.

The Gorman Instagram is a great example of a brand using social media creatively. Not only do they post shots of their lookbooks and latest stock, they also share stylish ‘We’re hiring’ posts and behind the scenes shots of their print designer in progress so followers can learn about the creation and journey of their products, as well as the finished result!

What we can learn from them: your social media is a powerful tool for marketing your business, recruiting new employees, and sharing the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of your business – just make sure each post is in keeping with how you want to market your business.


The In-store experience
Much in the same way that their unique clothing patterns stand out, Gorman store buildings themselves are also instantly recognizable. Gorman stores are painted to be bold and eye-catching which are also reflective of their bold fabric prints!

Staff wear the latest Gorman designs so they can offer real advice and their share their experiences, like comments they get when wearing the clothes. The stock is presented in a way that encourages shoppers to really appreciate the color and design of each item.

What we can learn from them: when merchandising and creating an eye-catching window display, think about how you can incorporate your stock in a way that shows off its best potential. You want to highlight your business's uniqueness at every opportunity while making your products look great.

Get creative with how you market your business! Choosing a strong theme and sharing it across all your channels can be a really effective way of showing off your stock to its best potential and creating a really strong brand image and memorable shopping experience.