Showing off your new stock with style


Creatively showcasing your new season stock is a great way to offer your customers a taste of what your business is all about while getting them to notice, and hopefully shop, your new season stock.

Social posts and emails with clear, high-quality photos and with a selection of your new stock is instantly eye-catching. Shoppers are also attracted to 'new' and 'sale' signs, which is a great way to entice customers to check out your new stock.

We’ve gathered some ideas on ways to show off your new stock:


Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 2.17.12 PM.png

Australian brand Dangerfield are a brick-and-mortar fashion boutique with a great eCommerce presence. They sort their clothing into categories such as “Just Landed” “Flash Sale” to make it easier and exciting for their customers to browse the latest stock.

Because Dangerfield places high importance on their in-store customer service, they’ve made sure their online presence reflects this too. They offer ideas and suggestions on how to complete the new outfit, encouraging their customers to imagine themselves wearing the item. 

Tip: Make sure your new stock is clearly displayed on your online store so that your customers can browse accordingly to their preferences. Think about how you want to present your stock as an outfit - not just an item of clothing.

Social Media

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Posting on social media is a must when new stock arrives. It’s an effective way to reach the customers that love what you’re all about. If they follow you, chances are they want to hear about your new stock. New Zealand clothing brand AS Colour is another example of a brand that demonstrates to customers how they would wear their clothes. They also take creative, eye-catching photos to show off their stock as well as their slick, stylish brand aesthetic. AS Colour show multiple clothing items in one image, drawing the customers attentions to potential items. 

Tip: When posting new stock on social media introduce the comment by saying ‘Just added’, New Season Stock has arrived’ ‘New arrivals’ or something a little quirkier, like ‘Fresh picks’. 

Email marketing


Timing your email marketing campaign announcing your new season stock with your social media announcement is a good idea to help you stay front of mind. Use an enticing subject line and try adding a relevant emoji to stand out from inbox clutter. New season stock emails work best when they are image rich. Include your favorite pics of your new styles, or go for something that adds a bit of mystery and intrigue, like this GIF in Urban Outfitters new season stock email that acts as click-bait for customers to check out the new stock.

Tip: Segment your customers and target new stock emails to make them more relevant, and therefore more effective. This allows you to showcase products they are more likely to be interested in. Segmenting new stock by women’s and men’s, or use purchase history data to segment shoppers of different brands. 


Showing off your new stock creatively through window displays and stylish merchandising is a great way of attracting foot traffic in-store. You want to show off your stock in a way that’s eye-catching, so think about ways you can highlight your store’s uniqueness, embracing a specific color or a theme is a great way to start and can also help keep your marketing consistent across your social channels too.

New stock provides a huge opportunity for your store’s marketing. It’s something your customers want to hear about, so you have a captive audience. Make sure you make the most of this opportunity, planning out your announcements and in-store displays to complement each other and make a big impact. And make sure staff are ready for an influx of customers eager to shop your latest looks.