Au Revoir Les Filles

Industry: Jewelry
Integration: Shopify POS & eCommerce

“Not only does Marsello save us time, but it also generates revenue in the background.”

The best brands in the world all have something in common: they know how to tell a good story.

Jewelry line, AU REVOIR LES FILLES, clearly understands this, and we’re loving the ways that they’re putting storytelling to good use! 

As “a jewelry label inspired by story and romance”, AU REVOIR LES FILLES incorporates narratives in everything they do. They have a page dedicated to the brand’s origin story, which deftly gives a background of how the brand was founded.

au revoir les filles about page.png

Beyond that, AU REVOIR LES FILLES also creates stories around their jewelry pieces. Check out this “Behind the Design” video for the brand’s iconic Eternity Skull Bangle. In the film, AU REVOIR LES FILLES’ founder Teresa Tiong shares her inspiration and process for creating the piece.

A loyalty program that keeps customers coming back 

In addition to telling stories, AU REVOIR LES FILLES implements a number of best practices to keep people connected to the brand. One key component of their strategy is implementing a loyalty program. Using Marsello to power their loyalty initiatives, AU REVOIR LES FILLES rewards shoppers for every purchase, and they offer generous perks ranging from $5 off their next purchase to a $200 voucher.


Customers can also earn points by engaging in various activities, including creating an account, following the brand on social media, and referring their friends.


But it doesn’t stop there. AU REVOIR LES FILLES takes their loyalty program to the next level by having two tiers: Member and VIP

Members are customers who accumulated 1 to 499 points, and they're entitled to 1 point for every dollar spent. VIPs, on the other hand, have accumulated 500+ points, and they get 2 points for every dollar spent. This setup encourages repeat purchases and higher basket sizes, allowing the AU REVOIR LES FILLES to boost their bottom line. 


And as you can see, AU REVOIR LES FILLES’s loyalty widget is beautifully customized and fits in perfectly with the site’s overall brand. This, according to founder and CEO Teresa Tiong, is one of the things that she loves about Marsello. 

“The widget has a modern minimal interface, and looks really seamless and cohesive with the rest of the website,” she explains. “It offers more than just loyalty, but also other features like customer surveys and automated emails which save business owners time and money. We have already seen results since we started using it.”

Automated emails to capture more sales

Speaking of other features, AU REVOIR LES FILLES also takes advantage of Marsello’s marketing automation capabilities. Here are some of the automated email flows they have in place:

Recover Abandoned Carts AU REVOIR LES FILLES also sends abandoned cart reminders to bring shoppers back to their website. When a customer leaves without completing the checkout process, the company sends a number of emails containing the items in their customer’s shopping cart, urging them to complete the sale. They’ve seen tremendous results so far, with $4,396.84 in sales.
Thank First-time Customers AU REVOIR LES FILLES sure knows how to turn casual shoppers into repeat buyers! They automatically send a thank you email and coupon to all new customers. This effort has helped generate nearly $800 in additional revenue.
Reward Best Customers AU REVOIR LES FILLES also takes note of their top-spenders so that they can send exclusive deals to those who are most likely to convert. They curate specific products for each customer and send an email inviting them to view the items on the site. AU REVOIR LES FILLES also offers a 15% storewide discount exclusively to their best customers, which they can use towards their next order.
Win-back Customers To prevent shoppers from slipping away, AU REVOIR LES FILLES makes it a point to touch base with those who haven’t made a purchase in 60 days. They use Marsello's Win-Back email flow to encourage lapsed customers to visit their website. To sweeten the deal, they throw in a 15% storewide coupon. This email has worked incredibly well, generating $1,389.63 in added sales!

AU REVOIR LES FILLES is very happy with these email flows. According to Teresa, Marsello’s automation features have helped her team be more efficient. 

Not only does it save us time, it also generates revenue in the background with little maintenance, so a boon to business owners who can focus their time and energy on other things”, she adds.

Au Revoir Les Filles Winback Flow.png

Gathering feedback from customers 

Another thing that we love about AU REVOIR LES FILLES? They proactively gather feedback from their customers. 

AU REVOIR LES FILLES automatically surveys shoppers about their experience and asks them to offer feedback on things like: 

  • Design and Quality 

  • Value for Money 

  • Loyalty Program 

  • Customer Service

“I like the feedback that customers give me from our customer surveys. It gives us more insight about what we have done that is working and what we need to improve on,” shares Teresa. 

“I thought I was just getting a loyalty program, but the fact that came with other features like automated emails reminders and survey (that actually work) is really nice!”

What AU REVOIR LES FILLES has to say about Marsello

“Marsello’s clean minimal interface initially drew me to the app; other fashion brands were already using it and it allowed me to see what the system looked like before I joined. So far it has generated results and sales and didn't take long to set up. 

There are other loyalty programs out there, but they look a bit messy. Also, it gave me a good variety of loyalty features I can use so its great. 

Our customers have also expressed that they like the loyalty program. The app and widget has a modern minimal interface, looks really seamless and cohesive with the rest of the website. It offers more than just loyalty, but also other features like customer surveys and automated emails which save business owners time and money. We have already seen results since we started using it.”

AU REVOIR LES FILLES founder, Teresa Tiong