Baby Box

Industry: Baby Products
Integration: Shopify POS & eCommerce

“We love that Marsello keeps our customers connected and that they feel special earning their rewards.”

With a beautiful range of eco-friendly baby products, Baby Box has tapped into a market that is always flourishing. They’re focused on providing top of the range products that won’t hurt the wallets of their customers, or the environment. It’s no small feat, as a parent to little ones, to master an eco-friendly lifestyle and we love that the Baby Box team is helping parents all over New Zealand to achieve this with their beautiful products and impressive knowledge.

One way Baby Box ensures that they can offer the best service possible is to make the most out of their social media. They make sure to offer their customers constant access to support through their Facebook, Instagram, emails and direct phone line. Fostering and nurturing community through accessible support is one of the best ways to grow customer loyalty, and it proves to be working for Baby Box with the reviews they’re getting. Check out what their customers are saying on the store’s Facebook channel:

facebook review.png

The Baby Box team don’t just stop there; they incorporate a full set of marketing strategies that help them to gain new customers, grow customer loyalty, and reward their customers for that loyalty. One way they do this is by making full use of a completely customized Marsello loyalty program. To start, their widget is beautifully on brand, capturing the feel of their store in a beautiful pop-up that urges customers to ‘Check Rewards’.

Check out their widget below and take note of the way they’ve included their logo so that customers are reassured with familiar branding that what they’ve selected is valid and still connected to the store itself. With that reassurance, shoppers are infinitely more likely to add their details and sign up for the loyalty program.


With this generous loyalty program, customers earn one point for every dollar that they spend. For customers whose core shopping timeframe is more likely to eventually end (as their kids age) it’s important to reward them with a point system that they can actually make use of, and that gives them the incentive to shop again and again. The Baby Box team have nailed this. Once they’re earning, loyal customers can then go on to redeem points for the following:


Baby Box go further than their stand-out loyalty program. Using Marsello’s automated email marketing campaigns, they schedule smart-designed emails that offer their customers discounts, abandoned cart reminders, birthday offers, and product recommendations. With goals of winning back lapsed customers, gaining more customers through friend referrals and more, the Baby Box team are using a powerful set of marketing strategies. For a full list of the email flows that Baby Box sends with Marsello, and the email objectives, check out the following list:

Recover Abandoned Carts The Baby Box team uses abandoned cart emails to help them recover sales. Their emails are clearly branded and they’ve seen amazing results so far with just over $5,000 profit alone from this email flow.
Happy Birthday Email Flow Baby Box delight their customers with a birthday email flow, offering a 10% discount code and cheerful message to get those customers shopping again.
Thank First-time Customers Saying thanks to customers who’ve just shopped with you for the first time leaves a great first impression. Simply acknowledging their first purchase helps to bring them back in future and greatly improves the likelihood of that customer being a continuously loyal customer. Baby Box also uses this email to prompt their customers to leave a review – it’s no wonder they have such a great feedback rate.
Reward Best Customers When Baby Box’s best customers get to shopping, they’re generously rewarded with product recommendations and a coupon code. It’s proven that rewarding high-spending customers and encouraging them to keep shopping with you improves their customer experience and helps to develop loyalty.
Win-back Customers Customers that haven’t shopped in a while can be considered at risk. The longer it’s been since they’ve shopped, the more the likelihood of them not shopping with you again increases. Baby Box reaches out to customers who haven’t shopped in a while with product recommendations to remind that customer what they loved about the store and then offers the same customer a discount code to help them convert to a sale.
Holiday Email Flows Marsello created smart-designed holiday email flows with uses targeted marketing to attract previous customers to stores to shop for a holiday deal. These data-driven emails include features such as unique discount codes and product recommendations as gift guides. Baby Box has been using these emails since they became available and has seen notable success, making over $1000 from the emails in some cases.

Baby Box’s Abandoned Cart Email Flow is shown below:

baby box abandoned cart email.png

Notice that the ‘Baby Box’ logo is presented clearly at the top of their emails, reminding customers of their recognizable and trusted brand. Coupling their logo with their noticeable brand colors (a beautiful green that hints to the eco-focus) gives their customers confidence in clicking embedded links within the emails and following up on offers. They don’t stop there, though. They incentivize their customers with product recommendations blocks which are created with smart data directly from that customer’s shopping history; recommendation blocks are specifically designed to bring customers back again and again. With the success that Baby Box has seen from this email flow alone, it’s obvious that email marketing is making a valuable Return on Investment (ROI).

Here’s what Baby Box has to say about Marsello:

“We were operating another loyalty programme but one big problem for us was that people weren’t remembering they were in our loyalty programme – it wasn’t top of mind. In hindsight, if we had done more research, we would have started with Marsello. We love that Marsello keeps our customers connected and that they feel special earning their rewards. It’s so much nicer rewarding people who are already buying from us and enjoying our service and products than it is offering discounts to people just to get them to come in the door. We also liked that there was a free trial period so we could test it first.

While we signed up initially just for the features of the loyalty system, the email flows have been an added bonus and helped increase sales further. If you want a simple and fun loyalty system in your shop, Marsello is it. You can set up different types of rewards, from vouchers or discount codes through to free product. Marsello also allows customers to view their account online and monitor their points and rewards with you.

We’ve had more return customers, less abandoned carts and better conversations with our customers. Customers feel more connected to our business and tell us about the emails they’ve received from us (via Marsello), or share their excitement over the rewards they’ve unlocked with us. Whenever we’ve had a question or concern about Marsello we have been able to get in touch quickly and have the issues looked into. Being able to connect with the team at Marsello is reassuring. We would definitely recommend Marsello to other retailers in need of marketing support.”

Natalie – Baby Box

What we have to say:
We love watching Baby Box grow and watching their marketing get seriously empowering results. We are always on the lookout for retailers that help show us exactly what it is from our product that helps them the most, and we love being able to see those insights. As Baby Box has continued to use Marsello, we’ve excitedly stayed engaged with their growth and can’t wait to see more. They’ve gone from strength to strength, and the success they have seen with their email flows is a powerful example of email marketing done right.

Baby Box’s marketing as a whole is such a fantastic example of a small store making waves within their community. From their social media feedback collection and high-quality products, to their beautiful branding and stand-out communication, Baby Box are a brick-and-mortar and eCommerce retail marketing inspiration.

They’re owning their marketing and shaping their impact within the realm of eco-conscious baby products. Their brick-and-mortar store is a household name within the Kapiti, New Zealand, area and they have their marketing strategies nailed. Their brand helps them to make the most of their industry by standing out as a recognizable, clean, positive option for parents throughout New Zealand. We can’t see what else they do in future and love to watch their success as it occurs. Check them out here and make sure to draw some inspiration from their amazing community engagement.