Grin Natural

Industry: Health, Beauty & Personal Care
Integration: Shopify POS & eCommerce

Since first creating their loyalty programme, Grin Natural have seen a 190.71% increase in membership signups.

Grin Natural are a 100-percent natural New Zealand-made toothpaste brand. They set out to make a new kind of chemical-free toothpaste which treats our teeth and mouths to something better. They're passionate about creating natural and healthy products, as well as looking after the environment.


Grin's branding touches every element of their Brand Ambassador rewards program. Not only have they customized their widget and emails to look clean and fresh, but they've also created a detailed series of rewards that will have their customers grinning from ear to ear! Their mission statement to raise the bar of oral hygiene products is carried through in the quality and attention to detail they bring to their marketing.

Here's what we love about their marketing

Booting customer loyalty

Grin's variety of rewards offers something for everyone. Just by signing up and interacting on social media, customers earn enough points to get their first reward. Grin have also created seven rewards at different points levels, and most of their rewards offer a free product, enticing members to spend their points on new products and to get excited about oral hygiene. As signed-up Brand Ambassadors, customers can access the following rewards:

  • 20 Points - Free Travel Toothpaste

  • 40 Points - Free Toothbrush

  • 40 Points - Free Brushing Chart

  • 50 Points - $5.00 Off

  • 80 Points - Free Cool Mint Toothpaste

  • 85 Points - Free Whitening Toothpaste

  • 100 Points - 25% Off


Creating consistent brand experience

Grin have added their logo, theme color, and imagery to their marketing, including customizing their loyalty widget and ensuring their emails carry through their crisp design decisions. Not only have they personalized their messaging with the brand's voice and tone, but their emails also include a banner that doubles as a product photo and brand display. They've even added their store name to their sending settings to make sure that their members recognize the emails in their inbox. Take a look at their eye-catching widget in the image below.

Grin Ambassador.png

Features that Grin are using 

→ Shopify POS & eCommerce Integration

→ Attracting new customers

  • Referral program

→ Boosting customer loyalty

  • Loyalty program


  • Loyalty widget design and text

  • Email template design and text

Here's what Grin Natural has to say about their marketing

“Marsello has allowed us to take our Grin Ambassador program to the next level. Rather than just rewarding customers for a one-time registration, we are able to offer points on purchases, which has enabled us to encourage repeat purchases and build a loyal customer database. It makes our customers feel special, and they really love choosing how they are rewarded!”

Olivia / Grin Natural

Extra things Grin are doing that we love

Values and beliefs

Grin Natural are more than just a sustainability and natural-ingredient focused oral hygiene company. They endeavour to source as much of their ingredients and resources locally and stick to a firm set of beliefs which help them to keep themselves on-brand. As they state on their website, their products were ʻas much about what we were leaving out as what we were putting in’. Check out their impressive set of beliefs below:

  • We believe in the value and efficacy of natural ingredients in caring for our bodies.

  • We have a passion for creating products using all natural ingredients that care for our customers and the environment.

  • We believe in creating all natural products which are safe and effective. We have partnered with leading scientists to conduct rigorous testing on all of our natural products to prove their effectiveness.

  • We believe in uncompromised standards of quality.

  • We believe in cultivating sustainable relationships with our customers, suppliers, co-workers and community.


Buy one, give one model

Grin's dedicated to making their products available to as many people as possible because they know they offer more than just a great product, they offer a product which makes a positive difference. They operate a buy one, give one model – for every one of their products which customers buy through their online store, or through New Zealand based supermarket, New World, they will give one of their bamboo toothbrushes to a New Zealand-based child in need.


Grin's recycling program

The folk at Grin are passionate about protecting the environment. Not only are their products great for your oral health, but they're also friendly on the planet as well. They promote recycling their toothpaste tubes and toothbrushes so they can repurposed into useful goods such as bench seats and watering cans! With stats on their website about just how scary the plastic problem is getting, how cool is it that their customers know exactly how they're helping the environment? 🌏🌏