Summer Lane

Industry: Clothing, Fashion, Apparel & Accessories
Integration: Shopify POS & eCommerce

Since first starting their Marsello loyalty programme, Summer Lane has seen a 55.45% increase in loyalty members.

Family owned Summer Lane is both an online store and a Sydney-based brick-and-mortar store. OwnerJessie and her team are passionate about helping people find the perfect gift and it shows in their customer service and attention to detail. They specialize in bringing fashionable, functional lifestyle products to families all over the world and they only stock quality products that have been tried and tested, recommended and raved about! 


Jessie wanted to be able to reward her customers all over the world, as well as in-store, and she wanted the flow of these points to seamlessly transition between both shopping options. Using Marsello, Summer Lane have created a fun and easy-to-use loyalty program, ensuring that their members can earn points and redeem these points both in-store and online. Jessie also encourages her members to share their positive experiences with their friends and families; this feedback shows other customers just how wonderful the service and products at Summer Lane are, boosting customer loyalty and helping Summer Lane to get new customers. 💬

Here's what we love about their marketing

Boosting customer loyalty

Summer Lane's loyalty widget is friendly, colorful and inviting – just like their beautifully designed store. They have added their logo to their widget and the addition of customized theme colors tie their branding to their loyalty program, making it instantly recognizable. They've even added one of their cute campaign images, which shows that they have products for children of all ages.  


Summer Lane's loyalty customers can earn points for seven different actions, and even earn 200 points on their birthday. These actions are centred around promoting Summer Lane throughout Facebook and Instagram, and cleverly encourage customers to help them by:  

•  growing Summer Lane's social media following and activity on Facebook and Instagram,
•  encouraging friends to become return customers through referrals, 
•  and, building member relationships with birthday rewards.

Check out the widget in the image below to see exactly how Summer Lane loyalty customers can earn points!

Widget Earning.png

Creating consistent marketing across their entire store

Summer Lane need a loyalty program that could run both online and in-store, giving their members the freedom to purchase where they like and still get rewarded. They've created just that, and with a 55.45% increase in active customers, their loyalty program is a proven success. This is vital when you consider how this widens their customer base and helps them to feel catered to, even when they aren't near the brick-and-mortar store. The clever marketing of their store and loyalty program through social media also helps to expand their customer base and their brand, and their consistent branding makes them   

SummerLane POS.png

Features that Summer Lane are using: 

→ Shopify POS & eCommerce integration

→ Attracting new customers

  • Referral program

→ Boosting customer loyalty

  • Loyalty program

→ Customization

  • Loyalty widget design and text

  • Email template design and text

Here's what Jessie has to say about Marsello

“Marsello allows me to seamlessly integrate both the online store and the physical store. This means that customers from all over the world can benefit from our rewards, and we are not limited to who we can offer it too.

Additionally, Marsello offers exceptional support, and they have been such a delight to work with."

Jessie / Store owner

Extra things Summer Lane are doing that we love:

Their store layout

Jessie and her team know that sometimes customers need to look at things a little differently before they can find the best product for them. With this in mind, Summer Lane have curated a product order based on age and gender, making it easy for their customers to browse and find the perfect products or gifts. Their images are beautifully brand-relevant and inticing.

Summer lane.png

Utilizing Instagram's ʻshare multiple images’ feature

Summer Lane cleverly uses Instagram's ʻmultiple image’ feature to showcase their products. Using three different images, a beautiful campaign image, a product image, and a close-up of fabric print, it's easy for followers to fall in love with their products as soon as they see them.