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Finding The Balance: Pricing Rewards & Points In Your Loyalty Program

incandescent-light-bulb-emoji-led-lamp-symbol-light-20786cc518de45d0827c8e05777b789bHow to optimize costs and the ROI of your loyalty program.


Create a loyalty program that not only captivates but retains customers through strategically priced rewards and points.

From understanding the essentials of loyalty rewards—spanning points, discounts, to exclusive offers—to finding the balance between attractive incentives and business sustainability, this guide is your key to elevating customer loyalty.

In this eBook we'll answer questions like:

👉  How much margin should I give away?

👉  Is it worth it?

👉  How do I maximize return on my loyalty program?

👉  What should my rewards be valued at?

Setting up a loyalty program takes a bit of upfront planning, but having an understanding of these fundamentals will put you well ahead of the curve.