Marsello 10x ROI Challenge
Terms & Conditions

Join thousands of omnichannel retailers experiencing revenue
growth as a result of signing up to Marsello.



Take the 10x ROI Challenge with Marsello and pay nothing until you see a 10x return on your investment. You’ll need to ensure you meet ‘Your Responsibilities’, by activating all necessary features within 30 days. If after 30 days, you don’t see 10x ROI or more, your first month's subscription is free!


  • ‘10x’ refers to the total return on investment you can expect to reach within 30 days by meeting the challenge requirements and enabling all features. Simply put, for every $1 you put towards Marsello, you should see $10 back in revenue.

  • ‘ROI’ is short for ‘Return on Investment’. In this case, it refers to all attributable revenue generated through the Marsello platform. We get this data from any marketing activity, which is attributed to your sales order data. Learn more about ROI here.

  • ‘Challenge period’ means the first 30 days since accepting the Marsello 10x ROI Challenge.

  • 'New user' refers to users who have not previously signed up to use Marsello on a paid plan. 


  • Participation in the 10x ROI Challenge is deemed acceptance of these Terms & Conditions

  • To qualify to take part in the 10x ROI Challenge, you must have at least 1000 marketable customers on your database.

  • Only open to new users.
  • Not open to users who are billed for Marsello on their Vend invoice. 
  • Marsello reserves the right to decline any application.

  • You must complete all ‘Your Responsibilities’ and abide by ‘The Rules’.

The Rules:

  • The Marsello 10x ROI Challenge is limited to 30 days.

  • The 10x ROI Challenge period will start from the day you sign up to Marsello and accept billing unless agreed otherwise.

Your Responsibilities:

  • By taking part in the Marsello 10x ROI Challenge, you agree to work with Marsello’s onboarding team. The onboarding team will help you to enable all required features. They will also provide training on operating your program.

  • You must enable all the following features within 30 days of accepting these terms.

    • Enable all eCommerce and POS sites associated with your account:

    • Customize and enable your loyalty program.

    • Send one or more email campaigns. You must send one campaign per week during the challenge period.

    • Customize and enable four or more email automations.

    • Send one or more SMS campaigns.

  • By taking part in the Marsello 10x ROI Challenge, you give permission for Marsello to share your results and associated branding in our own promotional and content marketing.