Mountain Madness Soap Co.

Store: Mountain Madness Soap Co.

Industry: Personal Care, Beauty & Cosmetics

Integration: Shopify

“60% of our customers are repeat [shoppers], and the rewards program has a lot to do with that.”

The key to retail success is having the ability to engage your customers across multiple channels. Today’s consumers are shopping online, in-store, and even on their phones, and if you want to gain their business, you need to win over customers no matter where and how they’re shopping. 

Mountain Madness Soap Co., a company that sells natural and handmade soap, does an incredible job at this. Mountain Madness, which started as a small grassroots operation in their home kitchen in 2000, has grown leaps and bounds since their inception. They’re currently selling online and they have a 2,200 sq. ft. store in downtown Coeur d’Alene. 

Not only that, but Mountain Madness also sells through wholesalers, and there are over 60 stores across the United States that are carrying their products.


Mountain Madness Soap Co. clearly understands the value of selling on multiple channels, and that’s one of the things we love about them. Another competitive advantage is the team’s commitment to their values. 

We stay true to our small, handmade, grassroots origins. As we’ve grown, we have continued to make our products the same way we always have so the quality and personal touch our customers love have not changed,” says Andy Morsell from Mountain Madness Soap Co.

Overcoming the loyalty challenge

Mountain Madness had numerous customers, but one thing they found challenging was collecting the right data so they can keep in touch with each customer. “Capturing point of sale customer emails for future marketing purposes was very difficult,” recalled Andy.

So, their team set out to find a solution to their challenge, and that’s when they came across Marsello. According to Andy, they liked the software's flexibility with how they could structure their loyalty program. This enabled Mountain Madness to give out generous perks to motivate customers to engage with the brand in multiple ways. 

Another big draw was Marsello’s seamless integration with Mountain Madness’ point of sale system. Because of this, Mountain Madness can run loyalty offers, discounts, and promotions across both their eCommerce site and physical store, then manage everything using one easy-to-use system.

The rewards program has been a fantastic incentive for our customers. 60% of our customers are repeat, and the rewards program has a lot to do with that,” says Andy. “Also, the fact that it works seamlessly on our point of sale played a large factor in our decision to go with Marsello.”

How does the loyalty program work?

Mountain Madness's rewards system is pretty simple. Customers earn one point for every dollar they spend, and they can start earning $10 discounts for every 100 points they earn.


One thing worth noting is Mountain Madness doesn't just reward customers for purchases. Shoppers can get perks by simply engaging with the brand. For instance, shoppers get 50 points just for signing up, and they earn additional points by interacting with Mountain Madness on social media and by reviewing their purchases. 


Engaging with shoppers automatically 

Aside from their loyalty program, Mountain Madness also runs a handful of email flows to encourage people to continue shopping at their store. These are the email sequences they’re currently running:

Abandoned cart recovery – To capture lost sales, Mountain Madness sends customers an abandoned cart email 10 hours after the shopper leaves their website. The email gently reminds recipients that they have items waiting in their cart, and Mountain Madness even throws in a 10% discount to drive conversions.

So far, these emails have recovered over a thousand dollars in abandoned cart revenue!

First-time customers – Mountain Madness values their first-time customers a whole lot! To show their appreciation, the brand sends all new customers a welcome email, thanking them for their purchase. The email reminds shoppers about Mountain Madness' rewards program and it also contains a 10% coupon towards the shopper's next online or in-store purchase.

Win back lapsed customers – To stay on their customers' radar, Mountain Madness runs a "win-back" email flow that gets in touch with shoppers who haven't bought anything in 120 days. They send an initial email along the lines of "We haven't seen you in a while! Shop with us again and get 15% off everything." Then to drive a sense of urgency, Mountain Madness sends another email after a week, reminding shoppers that their offer will expire in two days. 

This email flow is working incredibly well and has generated over $6,000 in sales!


Andy of Mountain Madness loves Marsello’s automatic email flows. 

“The new automation functionality and our abandoned cart automation have been far more effective than our previous abandoned cart solution. The ability for Marsello to create unique discount codes for each customer in automations is a huge plus!”

Tracking how customers are finding Mountain Madness

Mountain Madness is using Marsello’s Feedback feature to learn more about how shoppers are finding the brand. While the Feedback tool is typically used to measure customer satisfaction (i.e., by using happy-face and sad-face icons), Mountain Madness decided to put their own spin to the feature. 

Here’s how it works. Mountain Madness replaced the ‘happy’ face with an image of an ear, and the ‘sad’ face with an eye.


Then, they send an email to customers asking how they came across Mountain Madness, and the shopper can select one of the icons depending on how they found the brand. Mountain Madness then asks a follow-up question to get people to specify whether they found the brand through Google, social media, or an ad.


It’s a clever use of the tool and it gives Mountain Madness a better idea of which channels are working for them. By knowing how shoppers are finding the business, Mountain Madness can make smarter decisions on where to spend their advertising and marketing budget.

“We decided to rework the feedback tool because it is very difficult to determine marketing strategies based on prior customer behavior,” shares Andy. “Marsello was one way we could potentially obtain that information since it covers our entire customer-base regardless of whether they purchased online or in our store.”

"We now get some very useful information [from the tool]!"

What Mountain Madness Soap Co. has to say about Marsello

Andy and the team are pleased with Marsello so far, and says that they've experienced immense benefits in the form of "increased repeat customer purchases, increased average order values, and the ability to increase our marketing footprint with the captured customer information.”

He also commends Marsello's customer support staff. 

"Whenever we’ve had technical issues, the Marsello staff has been very responsive to those issues. In addition, Marsello listens to us and cares about our specific needs for an app of this type."