Marketing automation features to help you increase customer retention


From loyalty and VIP programs to customer feedback collection and email automation, everything you need to do smarter, more targeted marketing is ready to go.


Boost customer loyalty

Keep regulars coming back and incentivize loyalty behaviour

CreaLunch Logo Boost Customer Loyalty Statistic
CreaLunch Boost Loyalty Statistic Divider

Since using Marsello, CreaLunch have doubled their customers' average order spend with their beautifully branded loyalty program.


Sell more to existing customers

Drive sales by targeting customers when they’re most likely to spend

Naturally Curly increase sales statistic divider

Since using Marsello to send personalized product recommendation emails, NaturallyCurly have seen a 6.7% increase in sales.


Win back customers

Catch customers before they’re gone

Marsello RBKC logo Win-back customers
Marsello SK CB Win-back Statistic Divider

Since using Marsello to send win-back and abandoned cart emails, RK CB Collections have seen an 8.8% increase in sales.


Attract new customers

Grow brand awareness and new sales

Know what works

Track the success of your marketing with accurate reporting.


See the big picture at a glance or drill down into the details to understand what’s working. Watch your sales, product reviews, social following and customer feedback grow.

Marsello reporting insights

Marsello expert intelligence

Takes your marketing to the next level. Marsello optimizes your marketing for sales performance based on what’s working best for stores like yours. It’s like having a full time marketing expert, suggesting improvements for better results, like changing a button color and adding product recommendations.


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