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*Pricing is estimated based on a .65 estimated USD price. If you're based in New Zealand, you will be billed in NZD. For all other customers, the default billing currency is USD, which would be charged at current FX exchange rates at that time.

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SMS pricing

You’ll get 100 SMS credits free when you get started with Marsello.

Credits are the cost of sending an SMS Campaign and are based on the country of each SMS recipient.

Credit Rates

1,500 Credits

$25 USD/mo

3,500 Credits

$50 USD/mo

8,500 Credits

$100 USD/mo

18,000 Credits

$200 USD/mo

More plans available
Country Rates

USA & Canada

1 Credit / SMS

United Kingdom

2 Credits / SMS


4 Credits / SMS

New Zealand

7 Credits / SMS


Getting started is easy! You can install Marsello from the add-on store for free or click any of the Start Free buttons on the site.
A customer is anyone listed in your customer database with an email address or mobile number. Within Marsello you can remove customers from your customer database. Marsello has features to connect with customers, no matter where they are in the customer lifecycle to encourage sales

A 'site' is anywhere you sell your products. One physical location/POS counts as one site. Your online store also counts as one site. For example, if you were to sell at one physical (in-store) location, and on your eCommerce website, this would be considered 2 sites.

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