Automate emails when it counts


Get customers shopping by automating targeted emails based on your customers' behavior. Use pre-built email flows designed with best-practice triggers and settings or customize your own.


Encourage new customers to shop again

Say thanks to customers after their first purchase to make a great first impression and bring them back a second time.


Look after your best customers

Automate an email flow that encourages your best customers to keep shopping. If product recommendations in the first email don’t motivate a purchase, automatically follow it up with an exclusive discount just for them.


Build loyal relationships on customers’ birthdays

A cheerful Happy Birthday message or offer designed to delight your customers will get them shopping and strenghten their relationship with your brand.


Win back at-risk customers

Bring back customers who haven't shopped in a while with an automated email flow designed to win them back. If product recommendations in the first email doesn’t motivate a purchase, automatically follow up with a limited time discount email.


Recover abandoned carts with emails that convert

Automate great looking abandoned cart emails to your abandoned shoppers. Pull through product images from their cart and a button to take them back to complete their order.

Available for Shopify eCommerce