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Unlimited customers
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  • - Customer Segmentation
  • - Basic Loyalty Program
  • - Referral Program


The full loyalty marketing feature
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For up to 1,000 customers
Includes first site (POS or eCommerce)

+$10 per additional block of 1,000 customers
+$50 per additional site (POS or eCommerce)

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  • - All Free Plan features
  • - Automated Marketing Email Flows
  • - Design and Text Customization
  • - Advanced loyalty reward options
  • - VIP Program
  • - Customer Feedback Collection


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How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! You can install Marsello from the add-on store for free. Book a Demo to learn more or create your free account and get started now.

What’s counted as a customer?

A customer is anyone listed in your customer database. Within Marsello you can choose to unsubscribe customers from your program. Marsello has features to connect with customers, no matter where they are in the customer lifecycle and encourage sales.

Is there any special pricing available?

Yes, if you have over 10,000 active customers, talk to us about custom pricing.

How does the free trial work?

Explore how the Pro plan works for your business with a 14-day free trial. No commitments. Cancel anytime. Your 14-day free trial starts on the day you install Marsello. You can also choose to downgrade to the Free plan, but you will lose access to all Pro features. If you downgrade during your trial and choose to try Pro again later, your trial days will pick up where you left off.

What happens when the free trial ends?

You’ll be notified by email as your trial is coming to an end and prompted to choose the plan you want to continue with. To stay on the Pro plan without interruption, confirm your pricing plan before your trial ends. If your trial comes to an end and you have not confirmed you want to continue on Pro, you will automatically be downgraded to Free. To reactivate your pro features, simply choose the Pro plan above.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your account at any time. There's no contracts, no commitments, and no cancellation fee.

Still have questions?

We are happy to help. Ask us a question here.