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Lightspeed Ordering (Powered by Bopple)


Drive revenue growth for your Bopple store with customer loyalty software. Marsello's integration with Bopple helps increase brand engagement and build profitable customer relationships.

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Loyalty and marketing for Bopple

Run your customer loyalty program and marketing across all your venues and online ordering, allowing your customers to automatically earn points and effortlessly redeem rewards at checkout.


One loyalty experience

Connect Marsello to Bopple and your Lightspeed Restaurant for a seamless loyalty experience.


Grow your regulars

Maximize customer spending with tailored rewards, points, VIP tiers, referrals, and more.


Customer insights for marketing

Use your omnichannel customer data to send highly targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.

Grow your Bopple store by building customer relationships

Marsello's integration with Bopple helps increase brand engagement and build profitable customer relationships. Features and functionality may vary by plan.


Increase customer lifetime value with an omnichannel loyalty program.

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Build data with loyalty ChevronDownIcon

Reward customers with points in return for first-party data like their mobile number, email address, birthday, and more. Use customer information and purchase data to power and personalize your marketing.

Customize your rewards ChevronDownIcon

Increase repeat sales with personalized rewards and incentives that engage customers and move the needle on revenue. Offer percentage-based rewards, discounts, free products, birthday gifts and more.

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Drive engagement ChevronDownIcon

Engage and reward your regulars in-person, online, and everywhere in between. Marsello helps you reach and engage customers, no matter how they interact with your business.

Track real-time results ChevronDownIcon

Watch how customer spend, repeat purchases, and referrals grow with attribution reporting that helps you understand the effectiveness of your loyalty program.

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Reach customers when it counts with advanced marketing tools.

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Targeted campaigns ChevronDownIcon

Harness your customer loyalty and order data to deliver targeted campaigns, ensuring they reach customers at the perfect moment and keep them hungry for more.

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Set-and-forget automations ChevronDownIcon

Send the right message at the right time with automated email workflows. Choose from a variety of pre-built templates, or create your own automations from scratch.

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Customer segmentation ChevronDownIcon

With Marsello’s aerial view of your customer, you can leverage your online and in-person loyalty and order data to create detailed customer segments for your next campaign.

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Marsello: Loyalty & Marketing

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