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Klaviyo Integration

Sync your loyalty and order data to Klaviyo to use them in marketing campaigns.

Marsello & Klaviyo

With Marsello and Klaviyo's integration, you can harness your in-store and online customer data to run more targeted and personalized campaigns. Marsello’s POS loyalty and order data syncs to Klaviyo customer profiles in real-time to give you a complete view of your customer, no matter how they shop.

Integration Benefits

Connect your POS and eCommerce loyalty and order data to unique customer profiles. Utilize that data to create advanced customer segments, then leverage them to craft highly-targeted and personalized marketing campaigns that capture attention and drive sales.

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What does the integration do?

Here are some popular ways to use this integration.

Sync your loyalty and order data to Klaviyo profiles.

No more tedious imports and exports. Marsello syncs your loyalty and order data to Klaviyo customer profiles in real-time, helping you understand who your customers are, and how they like to shop.

Create detailed customer segments for campaigns in Klaviyo.

Harness your in-store and online customer data to create highly-targeted campaigns in Klaviyo. Use segments and insights to craft better, more personalized campaigns that go beyond your VIP database.

Create a seamless loyalty experience.

Launch a loyalty program that works seamlessly across your POS and eCommerce channels. Incentivize referrals and delight customers with personalized rewards that can be redeemed in-store and online.

Generate omnichannel discount codes.

Create unique discount codes and automatically load them against specific customer profiles, ready to be redeemed at checkout. Customers have the flexibility to redeem their coupons either in-store or online.

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“We have many customers that shop with us in both channels and expect a seamless loyalty and marketing experience.”


Hayley Greenstein   |   LEGO® Certified Stores

Unify your in-store and online data

Bridge the gap between your POS and eCommerce customer data. Centralize your customer data and get valuable insights into customer spending behavior, purchase history, and preferences, in-store and online.

Gain deeper insights into your customers

Learn how they like to shop and interact with your brand and sync in-store data to Klaviyo profiles in real-time.

Capture attention with tailored messaging

Utilize your in-store and online loyalty and order data to create comprehensive customer segments. Implement highly-personalized marketing campaigns that differentiate your brand from competitors and inspire customers to take action.

Generate unique offer links for campaigns

Engage your customers with unique coupons and personalized offers. Seamless integrate offers into individual customer profiles, ensuring that every interaction is personalized and compelling.

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*The Klaviyo introductory offer is available from 23/05/2023 through 31st December 2023 to new customers using the Klaviyo integration. Offer entitles users to a 30% discount on the total Marsello subscription value. Offer is subject to standard Marsello terms and conditions. Marsello reserves the right to extend, change, suspend, or terminate the offer at any time. This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer. Your information will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy.