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Klaviyo Integration

Harness your in-store and online customer data to run more personalized loyalty and marketing campaigns.

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Sync your loyalty and order data to Klaviyo to run targeted marketing campaigns.

Customize and deploy a loyalty and referral program that works in-store and online, then harness your omnichannel customer data to run more targeted, personalized campaigns.


Omnichannel loyalty

Launch a loyalty program that works seamlessly in-store and online.


Advanced customer insights

Gain deeper insights into your customers by linking your POS and eCommerce channels.


Harness your data

Utilize your omnichannel data to create advanced customer segments.


Personalize your marketing

Improve engagement and inspire action by running more personalized campaigns.

Advanced customer marketing with Klaviyo and Marsello

Marsello makes Klaviyo fully omnichannel. With this integration, you'll get an advanced customer data solution for all your in-store and online customer and transaction information.


World class email meets first class loyalty.

Integrated loyalty ChevronDownIcon

Collect first-party data with a customer loyalty program. Marsello's loyalty program is fully customizable, to feel like a natural extension of your brand, website and campaigns.

Advanced earn options ChevronDownIcon

You choose how and when customers can earn points and rewards. From free birthday gifts to VIP experiences, incentivize customers with what resonates best.

Omnichannel discount codes ChevronDownIcon

Create unique discount codes and automatically load them against specific customer profiles, ready to be redeemed at checkout. Customers have the flexibility to redeem their coupons either in-store or online.


Omnichannel Data

A complete view of your customer, in real time.

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Customer profiles ChevronDownIcon

Connect your point-of-sale and eCommerce data and link them to unique customer profiles. You'll see a full activity log for each customer—to understand how they shop and engage with your brand.

Advanced segmentation ChevronDownIcon

Utilize your omnichannel data to create advanced customer segments, then leverage them to craft highly-targeted and personalized marketing campaigns that capture attention and drive sales.

Omnichannel attribution ChevronDownIcon

It can be difficult to understand what marketing leads to in-store sales. With Marsello's omnichannel attribution model, you'll get a clearer picture of when campaigns drive sales both online and in-store.

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Klaviyo users get 30% off Marsello

Book a call with an expert and you'll receive 30% off when you connect Klaviyo and Marsello.

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