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Shopify Plus

Omnichannel loyalty and marketing software that plugs directly into your Shopify Plus and POS systems. Marsello is an official Shopify Plus Certified App Partner.

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Nurture your customers with advanced loyalty and marketing software.

Grow your database and increase customer retention with a fast and reliable loyalty platform that works in-store and online. Marsello integrates with your Shopify Plus and POS systems to deliver a seamless loyalty experience.


Launch with confidence

Marsello makes it easy to integrate, design and launch your loyalty program.


Tailored to your brand

Customize everything from your portal's branding, to email templates and more.


Centralize your data

Sync your in-store and online loyalty data for an aerial view of your customer.


Advanced reporting

Review which loyalty tactics deliver the be results and optimize your marketing.

How high-growth Shopify Plus brands use Marsello to get results

Here are some popular ways to use the integration. Features and functionality may vary by plan.


Reward regulars with a customer loyalty and referral program.

Customer loyalty portal ChevronDownIcon

Add a customer portal to your store that enables customers to earn points, view and redeem loyalty rewards, and more.

Points program ChevronDownIcon

Award points for actions that grow your brand. Offer points for making a purchase, referring friends, reviewing products, and more.

Rewards management ChevronDownIcon

Edit your reward settings to align with your business goals. Create discounts, percentage-based rewards, free shipping incentives, and more to drive repeat sales.

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Omnichannel experiences ChevronDownIcon

Create a seamless in-store and online loyalty experience by connecting your Shopify eCommerce and POS sites. Allow customers to redeem discounts at any location.

Scan, redeem loyalty rewards ChevronDownIcon

Add customers to a sale by scanning their digital membership cards [Available for Shopify POS users].



Enhance customer growth and retention with smart marketing tools.

Email campaigns ChevronDownIcon

Design beautifully branded emails with pre-built templates, or start from scratch using Marsello’s drag-and-drop builder. Enhance your campaigns by adding Shopify product recommendations to your emails, along with discounts, merge tags, and more.

SMS Marketing ChevronDownIcon

With an open rate of 98%, SMS is the perfect channel to amplify your reach and ensure customers will see your marketing.

AI content suggestions ChevronDownIcon

Don’t let writer’s block slow you down. Embrace the power of AI with smart content and AI suggestions to quickly generate email copy for your next campaign.

Boost campaigns ChevronDownIcon

Increase the likelihood of customers seeing your message. Automatically resend campaigns with different subject lines to everyone who didn’t open it the first time.

Marketing analytics ChevronDownIcon

Review which tactics and channels deliver the best results. Track open rates, clicks, and revenue resulting from each campaign.

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Streamline your workflows and make better business decisions.

Know your customer ChevronDownIcon

Get a single view of your customers with detailed loyalty reporting and analytics. Harness your customer insights to run more effective loyalty and marketing campaigns.

Shopify Flow ChevronDownIcon

Use Marsello in Shopify Flow to automate loyalty workflows. Create custom points-earning options and automated rewards that encourage customer engagement, no matter how they engage with your store.

Connect your tools ChevronDownIcon

Integrate Marsello’s loyalty program software with cutting-edge marketing tools like Klaviyo and Judge.me. Sync your POS and eCommerce loyalty and order data to create detailed customer segments for your next campaign.

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Marsello: Loyalty & Marketing

14-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.



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