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Powered by your Cin7 Point-of-Sale, Marsello does the smart work for you, crunching the data from customer behavior in-store and online so you can deliver targeted and timely marketing that gets results and run your loyalty program and marketing on auto-pilot.

Turn visitors into customers and customers into repeat customers


Marsello is your all-in-one marketing app, with everything you need to capture in-store and online visitors' details, motivate them to shop, and then bring them back again and again. Now you can easily create an effective omnichannel customer journey that increases spend and loyalty.

Marsello Cin7 turn Customers Into Repeat Customers
Marsello Loyalty Program Email eCommerce Design

Sell more with targeted and timely marketing


Take the guesswork out of marketing with best-practice loyalty program and email templates, and triggers that are ready to go, helping you run effective automated marketing that reaches the right customers at the right time. See all marketing features

Get results with true omnichannel marketing


Treat retail, wholesale and eCommerce customers differently. Use tags to segment customers and build flows and campaigns to target them with more relevant marketing. Create different loyalty tiers or exclude wholesale customers from your loyalty program.

Marsello Cin7 Segment Tags
Increase your marketing ROI

Increase your marketing ROI


Data-driven marketing gets results! Marsello's integration with Cin7 and your eCommerce means results are accurately tracked, giving you results you can trust. Watch your repeat purchase rate, customer spend and ROI grow.

Cin7 retailers are seeing an average of 98x ROI

Join the thousands of Cin7 Piont-of-Sale users and eCommerce brands around the world using Marsello to grow their businesses.

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