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Grow sales with loyalty marketing automation for Shopify eCommerce and POS

Marsello combines data-powered automation and real human experts to deliver targeted retention marketing that gets results for fast-growing Shopify brands.

Segmentation that
delivers conversions

Reach the right customers at the right time. Marsello crunches your customer data straight from Shopify to segment customers into lifecycle stages based on their buying behavior.
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Marsello Win back email automation for Shopify
Marsello abandoned cart email automation marketing for Shopify

Targeted marketing that
keeps your brand relevant

Get customers shopping by automating targeted email flows and loyalty program features across the customer lifecycle. As your customers move from one segment to the next, the marketing they receive evolves to become more relevant and personalized.

Customization that strengthens
your brand

Brand consistency builds a memorable connection with your customers – whether it’s an email arriving in their inbox, or your loyalty program on your Shopify store, you can customize designs and messaging to make your marketing your own.

Marsello retail eCommerce loyalty rewards program marketing for Shopify mobile optimized for multi-device
Trusted by retail entrepreneurs around the world
retail eCommerce store brand
retail eCommerce store brand
retail eCommerce store brand
retail eCommerce store brand
retail eCommerce store brand
Here's what they have to say

“Marsello's automation flows take away the stress of having to chase our customers down manually. It has helped us to increase sales and saved us a whole lot of guesswork.”

Marsello Testimonial Stars

Owner - Herbal Healing Nation

“We've been able to completely personalize our marketing to suit our customers. Marsello has delivered beyond our expectations as a cost-effective solution that delivers results.”

Marsello Testimonial Stars

Jon Manning - Peticular

“Marsello works really effectively with our high-volume site. We've seen a strong increase in repeat business since launching our loyalty program.”

Marsello Testimonial Stars

Mike Lorge - Prodermal

Automation meets human expertise

Marsello’s AI works out top performing automation flows and settings for your business, while our marketing and data experts check in with you to deliver suggestions for you to approve and optimize your campaigns for better results.