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Heartland Retail

Create an omnichannel loyalty program, marketing campaigns and more. Marsello is a certified loyalty and marketing solution for Heartland Retail.

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Run a loyalty program and marketing campaigns. Track sales in-store and online.

Keep your customers coming back with referral incentives, points program, tiered rewards, email campaigns and more. Marsello is a complete loyalty and marketing suite for Heartland and your eCommerce platform.


Keep customers coming back

Drive loyalty with a fully-customizable loyalty program that works right out of the box.


Run all your marketing activities

Create segments, send email and SMS campaigns, set up automated messages and more.


Works both in-store and online

Marsello works with your eCommerce software for a seamless in-store and online experience.


Comprehensive data and insights

Want powerful insights for marketing? Loyalty is your ticket to omnichannel customer data.

How Heartland Retail brands use Marsello to increase customer engagement

Here are some popular ways to use the integration. Features and functionality may vary by plan.


Your fully customizable, branded loyalty program

Points and rewards

Your Marsello points and rewards program works right out of the box. You have complete control over when and how points and earned, what rewards are available, when there's a minimum spend, and more.

Customer portal

Your customers can check their rewards, points balance, VIP status and more no matter where they are. You can even brand your portal so it feels like a natural extension of your website.

Automations and notifications

Let customers know when they have a birthday gift, points update or new reward ready to redeem. It's easy with set-and-forget loyalty notifications, sent directly to the customer when the time is right.

Omnichannel discounts

Your customers can redeem discounts and offers anywhere — in-store, online, right from their mobile. Marsello is fully integrated with your POS and eCommerce, making it a smooth experience (just as they expect).

Points and tier expiry

Incentivize a higher purchase frequency with points and tier expiry. Let customers know when they're getting close to the deadline for meeting minimum spend requirements, and offer rewards for continued loyalty.


Sell to customers with smart marketing campaigns.

Email and SMS campaigns

Drive repeat purchases by marketing to your customer database. Use segments to drive high conversion rates, add dynamic product recommendations, and more.

Omnichannel attribution

It's extremely tricky to understand what marketing leads to in-store sales. With Marsello's omnichannel attribution model, you'll get a clearer picture of when campaigns drive sales both online and in-store.

Easy drag-and-drop templates

Design beautiful emails with pre-built templates, or start from scratch with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder. Increase the relevance of your marketing with product recommendations, merge tags, dynamic discounts, and more.

Automated marketing

Reach customers when it's most relevant, no matter where they are in their journey with you. Send welcome emails to first-time shoppers and win back customers who haven't been back in a while.


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